Venger Tactical Basic Handgun Education Course March 21st, 2021.
Venger Tactical Basic Handgun Education Course March 21st, 2021.

Venger Tactical Basic Handgun Education Course March 21st, 2021.

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The Venger Tactical Basic Handgun Education Course, 12:00 (noon) on March 21st, 2021 in Grand Island, NE. This course is designed for the first time shooter to beginner. It is an entry level course for the handgun shooter.

The Venger Tactical Basic Handgun Education Course (VTBHEC) is a 4-hour course designed to help the beginner get familiar and comfortable with safely using his or her handgun. You will learn what the different types of pistols are, how to clear, load, correct a malfunction and unload them with dummy-rounds (fake rounds) during a practical exercise before you get to the range. Aspects of purchasing a handgun for your needs, what holsters work best for you and what kind of ammo is best for training and self-defense. You will take a small exam used to gauge your learning.

On the range you will practice loading, firing, and clearing a handgun under the guidance and supervision of former Green Beret and current NRA Instructor Erin Cook and Wade Bentley, a current member of the GIPD Tactical Response Team (TRT), Gunsmith and LE NRA Instructor. During the range time you will conduct slow-aimed firing where we will work on your basic fundamentals. Then range time is meant for the beginner who has either no or very little experience. We will fire approximately 50 rounds but you can bring more if you want to shoot more.  Handling a pistol is a big responsibility and we want you to have the confidence to handle it responsibly, with the safety of friends and family in mind. For more information email The course will be held at our CHP classroom. It is next to Garrett Tire and Tread on Old Potash Rd. We will email a welcome email with all information a week prior to class. 

Required: Pen/pencil, Semi-automatic handgun w/1 extra mag (2 total), an outside-the-waistband holster, belt, belt mounted mag pouch that can hold at least 1 extra pistol mag, 50-100 rounds of ammunition. 

*We have handguns for rent, please coordinate this prior to signing up for the course. The price for a rental is $15. We will have a holster for the gun you rent.

*We will send out a welcome email a week before the class with all information, but please email, text or call with any questions you may have! There are no stupid questions. 

Erin Cook